There are many ways for you to make a real,

visible impact on the WashU community with SWAP!



Simply donate items you don't need to the Trading Post! You never know what might be of use to someone else! One person's trash is another treasure! Just bring donations directly into the Trading Post storefront or leave them in the bins located outside out front door.

Learn more about the Trading Post here.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are always welcome at SWAP. We are always in need of different types of help both during the school year, in running storefront hours and helping plan events, and at the beginning and end of year, with spring collections and our annual sale on the swap. During both collections and the sale we typically offer free lunches and late stay extensions for residents of campus housing. Please contact us if you would like to help us with our various projects!


Become an intern

Please get in touch with us to see if internships are available!

The current SWAP Leadership Team is comprised of six co-owners with unique responsibilities, including Director of Administration, Marketing Director, Storefront Manager & Finance Director, Director of Special Events. We are looking to expand our team to include four unpaid internship positions so that we can make a greater impact on the WashU community. These members of our team will be in charge of one of the following; business development, finance & accounting, education, and sustainability. Previous interns have all either gone on to become owners or dedicated volunteers after their term had ended, based on their performance and commitment to our mission.


    • Business experience in a collaborative non-profit atmosphere

    • Leadership skills useful in any environment

    • A student mentor with experience in non-profit management

    • No-cost to gain involvement as a business owner (Other StEP businesses typically require a large buy-in fee to become part of their leadership)

    • Networking exposure with other students, WashU faculty, and St. Louis community members

    • Contribute to an important cause in the St. Louis area



    Business Development Intern

    • Collect data to allow SWAP to better serve the WashU community
    • Develop metrics to track the Trading Post’s impact and progress
    • Streamline day-to-day data collection methods
    • Attend weekly leadership meetings

    Finance & Accounting Intern:

    • Work with Finance Director to compile tax documents

    • Analyze yearly sale income and business spending; make recommendations for improvements

    • Assemble annual business report with help of Director of Administration

    • Attend weekly leadership meetings

    Education Intern:

    • Work with Director of Special Events to plan monthly events, such as skillshares or educational programming

    • Connect students with on- and off-campus sharing economy resources

    • Update blog with local events & social justice/sustainability trends

    • Attend weekly leadership meetings

    Sustainability Intern:

    • Liaison to Office of Sustainability

    • Monthly “Trend in Sustainability” Newsletter update

    • Assist Education Intern in creating skillshares with DIY projects from materials in the store

    • Attend weekly leadership meetings

    Sustainable Fashion Intern

    • Spearhead WUpcycle Initiative, strong sewing experience preferred but not required
    • Work in close collaboration with WashU Fashion Department to provide textiles for upcycling/reuse
    • Organize on & off campus Flash Sales
    • Educate students about importance of repair and reuse in Fashion Industry

    Design Intern

    • Work with senior designer with marketing materials and signage, including but not limited to: Newsletter graphics, Website graphics, Underpass design, Flyers, Campaign Materials 
    • Works with marketing director to implement innovative marketing materials

    Email to apply :)